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CAIA Certification

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst | Certification Program

CAIA Certification | Certificate Program CAIAQuick Link: Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

To gain CAIA certification, a candidate must fulfill four requirements. Pass the Level II exam within three years of passing the Level I exam, hold a U.S. bachelor's degree or the equivalent, and have more than one year of professional experience, or alternatively have at least four years of professional experience, submit payment for the annual CAIA Association membership fee, and agree on an annual basis to abide by the Member Agreement.

The fist part of CAIA certification requires a candidate to pass both levels of the examination. The CAIA level 1 examination is divided into the two broad sections of quantitative methods and an introduction to alternative investments. Candidates study the application of basic analytical tools, as well as the fundamentals of alternative investment vehicles. Candidates learn to differentiate between the various AI trading strategies and performance measurements. Candidates are assumed to have a basic understanding of the concepts of traditional finance. The CAIA level 2 examination is divided into two broad sections as well; alternative investments and Current and Integrated Topics. Both sections take a global perspective. Candidates must apply the skills and knowledge from Level I to gain a deeper understanding of issues involved in each of the areas of alternative investments.

The CAIA Certification also requires candidates to have a specific amount of professional and educational experience. A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree and one year of professional experience or as a substitute, four years of professional experience. Professional experience is defined as full-time employment in a professional capacity within the regulatory, banking, financial or related fields.

The next step in CAIA certification is to submit an annual CAIA Association membership fee. First year membership fees are $150 and subsequent year fees are $250 per year. The last requirement of CAIA certification is to agree on an annual basis to abide by the membership agreement. The membership agreement outlines verification of identity, professional conduct standards, and future events regarding professional conduct. Membership is the final requirement for individuals wishing to use the CAIA designation.

Quick Link: Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

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