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Institutional Hedge FundA recent white paper stressed that as hedge funds continue to flourish, they have started to look to the institutional market for new opportunities to expand their growth. However, hedge funds must prepare themselves for the distinct set of demands these institutions have. In order to set themselves up for success, hedge fund managers should consider five main challenges in order to attract investment from the institutional market.
  1. Exhibit high quality infrastructure and operations
  2. Increase transparency
  3. Create stable, likeable management teams consisting of people with a variety of skill sets
  4. Shift away from a focus of high risk and high performance to one of stability and constancy
  5. Devote resources to ensure that general business practices are followed

Essentially, institutions prefer doing business with hedge fund managers that operate as they do. This means being highly organized, transparent, and honest. The most successful hedge funds will be able to match these qualities while also performing at the same high level that originally attracted investors.

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- Richard

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