Institutional Hedge Fund Investments

Institutional Hedge Fund Investments

Institutional Hedge Fund Investments Overview

Institutional Hedge Fund InvestmentsInstitutional investments in hedge funds is at an all time high with a recent survey showing that 40% of all hedge fund assets come from institutional investors. This is impacting how firm operate and what many hedge fund managers are trying to do before launching or “going public” with their young hedge fund and beginning to market it. I know of 3-4 hedge fund managers who took an extra 6 months to line up additional portfolio managers and analysts before launching their hedge fund simply because they felt that related questions would be brought up in RFPs or due diligence sessions so often they wanted to start out on the right foot.

A recent report from Preqin noted that over 55% of pension plans were looking to increase allocations to hedge funds. The recent market volatility is only going to support a further surge of institutional hedge fund investments. This is because many institutions have only been investing in hedge funds for 3-5 years and they are largely outperforming traditional equity products.

- Richard

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