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Investment Real EstateWhile some real estate markets are down I have some friends who work on the west coast of the US and are still seeing rising prices and surging demand for within certain industries. It will be interesting to see how real estate investment hedge funds perform for the remainder of 2008 though.

I believe hedge funds will outperform the general real estate market and mom and pop investors for 4 reasons:
  1. Real estate related hedge fund managers get more incoming cold calls and email proposals on possible deals than any other type of manager. They simply get a ton of deal flow across their desk and really have a constant pulse on what is out on the market
  2. Hedge fund managers generally have a relatively large amount of capital that can be used to buy leading up to the day real estate market research usually accessed by only institutional investors
  3. Hedge fund managers can often use a wide array of creative financing, same as cash deals which give them preferential terms
  4. Hedge fund managers generally have access to large amounts of capital to deploy, giving them the ability to buy large swatch of commercial real estate or even "over-paying" in the short term for the strategic acquisition of assets
- Richard

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