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REO Properties and REO ListingsMany of you in the hedge fund industry who read my blog also frequently visit Hedge Fund Message or other online forums. You may remember 9-12 months ago a large set of REO brokers and sales agents practically taking over a few online forum in the online hedge fund community trying to connect with hedge fund managers looking for REOs. They were quickly banned and considered spam but I do get emails from many of them - usually 2-3/week.

Upfront, I want to be clear that I do not want to get into the business of brokering or helping as a sales agent for banks or REO firms. I would like to identify a reputable broker who does work with hedge funds or private investment groups in this area simply because at this point I'm just having to delete emails from these REO agents as I have no way to help them. I've never worked with REO related investments so hopefully I'll connect with a reputable related group this blog.

Here's an example of a recent email I received on this topic:

Hello and good day Mr. Wilson. I was doing some research on the topic and I came across your blog. I have several potential customers who are looking to buy Bulk REO and / or Notes portfolios , from $10M and up and up. The thing is, it is difficult for me to find any true portfolio providers who can actually perform and do what they say they can do, especially without a lot of hassle and headache. I'm continuously running into a middleman parade, which always kills the deal. It is my understanding that the majority of Bulk REO and / or Notes portfolios are controlled by either asset managers at banks, or hedge funds. I see that you are the founder of Hedge Fund Group (HFG), so i say let me contact you to see if you could help me out. I have what seems like a new potential customer coming my way daily asking me if can fill their Bulk REO and / or Note orders. If you could help me out or point me in the right direction as to who to talk to, i would most gladly appreciate it. Thank you for your time Mr. Wilson, looking to speak to you soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Anyone have any great resources? websites? white papers? or networking groups I could be referring these people to? Thanks in advance for the help, much appreciated.

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