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Emerging Hedge Fund ManagersWith hedge fund assets under management reaching USD 3 trillion and more and more new hedge funds being formed every month, Preqin Hedge recently completed a study looking at the appetite of the institutional market for emerging hedge fund managers. In this report 50 investors were surveyed from across the spectrum of the institutional market (excluding fund of hedge funds) on their demand for younger hedge fund managers.

Will an institutional investor invest in an emerging manager hedge fund?
  • 46% of respondents will invest in emerging manager hedge funds
  • This grows to 56% of institutional investors in regards to spin-out teams
  • Just 8% will provide seed capital to new vehicles
What is the requirement for hedge fund managers in terms of track record?
  • 39% of respondents required a two year track record or less.
  • 24% of institutions surveyed would not invest in a hedge fund unless the manager had more than 5 years fund management experience.
  • 6% of institutions reported that they required no specific track record.
What are institutional investor’s requirements for hedge fund managers in terms of assets under management?
  • 17% of respondents demanded no requirements of potential hedge fund managers in terms ofassets under management
  • 40% of institutional investors would invest in funds that had between USD 100 – 500 in AUM.
  • 11% of institutional investors would only invest in a fund provided it had at least USD 1 billion in AUM.
How does allocation to hedge fund (in % of AUM) affect the likelihood of an institutional investor to invest in an emerging manager hedge fund?
  • Investors that allocate a larger percentage of assets to hedge funds are more likely to considerinvestment in emerging manager hedge funds.
  • 100% of institutional investors surveyed that had an allocation greater than 20% stated they wouldinvest in an emerging manager hedge fund.
If you would like to read the full report on emerging manager hedge funds by Preqin, please click here.

- Richard

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