Weapon of Influence #1: Modify the Environment

Weapon of Influence #1

Influence Through Modifying the Environment

I recently completed reading a book by Michael Hogan on Influence. He wrote 250 pages on different techniques that he presents to corporations but ends in saying that the number one technique to influence others is altering their environment.

How did you act while at school in a classroom? At the movie theatre? A hockey game? The environment you are in defines the scope and characteristics of your behavior. If you want to quickly change how someone acts without their detection this is one of the best methods of doing so. Advantages can be gained by:
  • Meeting at your office instead of theirs
  • Taking the client or potential client to a baseball game or art gallery instead of meeting for coffee
  • Meeting in a coffee shop or conference room you are familiar with but is new to them
  • Placing a time limit upon the meeting after it has already begun
  • Decorating or choosing your office so that it communicates a message or replicates the common decorations seen in a museum, expensive office suite, or casual business office.
  • Playing a certain type of music or control the sounds in the area such as a telephone ringing in one fashion or another
The point is to either create an environment that specifically targets a certain set of expect behaviors that will lead to a powerful relationship for both of you or operate in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you but new to them. This will enact their orienting reflex response and while adjusting to these changes they will be more agreeable to your suggestions.

- Richard

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