4 Tools to Get More Done

4 Effectiveness Tools

There seems to be a common thread among some very highly successful people, they are very good at managing their time. Managing your time well might seem like a simple concept but in practice the discipline to only focus on the most rewarding activities is difficult. As Jeffrey Gitomer says someone who is hungry will ask themselves "How good am I at that?" not "I already know that."

Here are 4 time management tools and starting points to further reading if you are interested in reading more.

  • Andrew Carnegie only worked for 2-4 hours each day. He thought that anyone who needs more time than that must be wasting a lot of time on needless activities. Several biographies of his life can be found on Amazon for $5.
  • Brian Tracy - Wrote a book called "Eat that Frog" which is a text on how to become more efficient and effective in managing your life in and outside of work. The whole theme of the book revolves around always completing the tasks that matter most (frogs) and only then moving on to other tasks. It is a good read with 21 unique ideas on how to be get more done on projects that really matter. Tracy stresses that we will never have enough time to do everything but we should always have enough time to do the most important things. What are they?
  • Stephen Covey - I have read his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People several times and seen him in person, he is great. One of the 7 habits that he suggests is making sure that you do first things first. Similar to Tracy he stresses the importance of prioritizing your tasks so the most important ones don't get left out.
  • 4 hours a week. I recently read an article from Forbes on a man who supposedly only works 4 hours a week. I think the story might be exaggerated but not by much. He outsources his $1M business's customer services, email handling, website work, and product management choices. He never reads the news or watches t.v. He is living the life of a millionaire at age 30 because he has learned to manage his workload and cut all the clutter out of his life. The most important part of this article? He mentioned that he does not check his email first thing in the morning, he jumps right into the most important task and tries to complete by 11AM so he can tend to other matters.
- Richard

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