Weapon of Influence #2: Liking

Weapon of Influence #2

Liking as a Tool of Influence

"People prefer to say yes to individuals they know and like" - Robert Cialidini

Liking is the principle of influence that Cialdini refers to as the "friendly thief." We are more susceptible to being influenced by those who we like. Liking someone infers a reciprocal relationship which assumes that we will treat each other fairly. People like others who are just like themselves. They can relate to them better and see them in a more positive light than others. Research has shown in sales that those who have an ability to develop rapport or liking among a wide range of personality types usually are the most successful and sell more than others.

Common methods that agents of influence use to build rapport or have prospects like them more include:
  • Sharing common attitudes or beliefs
  • Praise - Genuinely find something to compliment them on
  • Becoming familiar with them in person. The more times you interact the more likely they are to like you
  • Noting similar past experiences or aspirations
  • Dressing in a similar fashion
  • Speaking in the same tone of voice and at a similar rate
  • Using stereotypes about an "out group" that identifies you as part of the prospects small "in group"
  • Physical attractiveness - physical image maintenance
Robert Cialdini
Influence Science and Practice 2001

- Richard

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