Brazil Hedge Fund Performance

Brazil Hedge Fund Performance

Below is an article on Brazilian hedge funds, the most under-estimated group of portfolio managers in the world. In Sao Paulo alone there are over 300 hedge fund managers and due to currency exchange rates they can remain profitable at far smaller AUM levels than a US or European hedge fund. I will be in Sao Paulo this December/January and will probably host a networking event there, let me know if you would like to come.

Here is an article excerpt about hedge funds in Brazil:
Brazil’s hedge fund industry was battered by weak performance and redemptions last year. Although overall performance has improved this year, several managers remain weak and are fighting for survival, say experts.

Up to 20 of about 100 hedge fund managers could be forced to close their funds following an exodus of clients. They have seen assets under management drop by up to 85 per cent in the past year to an average of R$75m ($37m, €27m, £23m) and are no longer profitable. source

For more information on Brazilian hedge fund please see our Hedge Fund Guide to Brazil.

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