Spain Hedge Fund Guide | 1 Page Guide to Hedge Funds in Spain

Spain Hedge Fund Guide

1 Page Guide to Hedge Funds in Spain

Here is a short collection of articles on the hedge fund industry in Spain. I am always looking for more valuable online tools and resources to add to these geographical hedge fund guides to the hedge fund industry. If you have a white paper or PowerPoint that I can include here please send me an email and I will post it for everyone's benefit.
  • Spain will authorize domestic sales of hedge funds this year, provided they publish trading prices at least every six months and meet other requirements, the Economy Ministry said Wednesday. A ministry spokeswoman, who declined to be identified, said an initial investment of at least $50,000 or $60,000 will also be mandatory and fund managers must be based in one of the 30 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a group of market-oriented countries.
  • With the approval of Circular by the Spanish regulator, the CNMV, the regulation on hedge funds has been finalized after prior approval of the Regulation on Collective Investment Institutions. Once this regulation is approved, Spanish management companies would be able to file for the license to manage hedge funds, which would be the prior step for the first product to be launched.
  • As Spain's Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores becomes the latest European regulator to implement a regime for fund of hedge fund managers looking to tap retail interest, market participants are divided over its impact on the market for hedge fund-linked products
  • Vulture funds are finally saying debt from Spanish retailer Cortefiel is now cheap enough to buy, after waiting for months to see prices of the struggling company's debt fall further. The funds, which have raised billions of dollars to invest on the hopes that a worsening global economy will depress debt prices, are closely monitoring the Spanish group whose debt trades at about 42 percent of its face value.
  • Great introduction article about hedge funds and other assets in Spain.
  • Very in depth and thorough Hedge Week guide to everything hedge fund related in Spain.
  • Regulation governing Spain's hedge fund market is set to be finalized this month, following more than a year of uncertainty. The rules, expected to be approved by the Spanish parliament within the next few weeks, will provide a massive boost to the country's hedge fund industry, say market participants.
  • Overcoming Spain’s natural conservatism headline
  • Rarely has the approval of a financial product in Spain generated such controversy as the decision to allow sales of domestic hedge funds. After lengthy and intense discussion involving politicians, regulators and those working in the financial sector, the first such fund was registered with the stock market commission on November 8, 2006. But one year on, demand for hedge funds has fallen short of expectations.
  • U.S. retail investors have had a growing appetite for hedge funds, and now European investors will get the chance to test the waters in these high-return, sometimes risky investments, as Spain is the first European country to introduce retail investors to hedge funds, according to Boston-based consultancy firm Aite Group.
  • Madrid, Spain-based Altex Partners Group has won approval from Spanish regulators for a new fund of hedge funds promoted in partnership with GLG Partners. Altex GLG becomes the 35th fund of hedge fund authorized by Spain. Altex GLG Fund will only invest in funds managed by U.K.-based GLG Partners, one of the biggest hedge fund managers in the world, with over US$26 billion of asset under management.
  • Great must read article about regulations in the Spanish hedge fund market.
  • Sometimes it's the most innocuous-looking headlines that spell the most trouble. With most papers leading on "here comes the recession"-type stories, it would be very easy to overlook the report on page five of yesterday's FT that the "ECB is to tackle abuse of liquidity aid". And no wonder. The story sounds either a) very technical or b) something about the financial equivalent of binge drinking. But there's a bombshell being delivered here - the European Central Bank is about to stop bailing out eurozone commercial banks. And that could mean another big lender going 'bust'.
  • The failure of the Spanish property firm, Martinsa Fadesa, is a sign that hedge funds are stepping up efforts to wring profit out of ailing companies, in moves that might prompt more Spanish insolvencies. Hedge funds which bought Martinsa Fadesa debt at discounts of as much as 50 percent of its value could now profit from its administration process because an expected sale of assets might pay them back at a price closer to face value.
  • Spanish finance lawyers have been busy working on the launch early in 2007 of the country’s first domiciled Hedge Funds, amid debate over which law firms are best placed to advise on these new investment vehicles. The stock exchange regulator, CNMV, has already approved for trading the first fund managers, and a rapid buildup in the number of authorizations and products is expected as “H-day” approaches.
  • Another great in depth guide to regulations of hedge funds in Spain and Europe.
  • Spanish hedge funds move closer to reality.
  • Spain’s newly-approved hedge funds must now prove they have what it takes to attract business. At the end of 2006 and after months of anticipation, the first Spanish-registered hedge funds were launched with the approval of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), the country’s securities market regulator.
  • Valorica Global FIL, one of Spain’s first onshore hedge funds, has implemented Insight, a sophisticated portfolio management and accounting system developed by specialist hedge fund technology provider, Tradar. Valorica Global FIL, which was launched on 28th September 2007, following approval from the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), manages three investment vehicles.
  • The Swiss banking group SYZ & CO and the Madrid-based asset management company A&G Fondos, Asesores y Gestores Financieros Fondos have announced the imminent launch of two Spanish-regulated funds of hedge funds. SYZ & CO and A&G are thus among the first institutions to benefit from new Spanish legislation authorizing the marketing of alternative investment funds.
  • Some background and introductory material taken from the Hedge Funds World Espana 2007 Event

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