South Africa Hedge Fund

South Africa Hedge Fund

Guide to Hedge Funds in South Africa

South Africa Hedge Fund, South African Hedge Fund, South African Hedge Funds, Hedge Fund in South AfricaHere is a short collection of articles on the hedge fund industry in South Africa. I am always looking for more valuable online tools and resources to add to these geographical hedge fund guides to the hedge fund industry. If you have a white paper or PowerPoint that I can include here please send me an email and I will post it for everyone's benefit.
  • This latest edition of Doing Business with South Africa is a uniquely authoritative source of economic data and business information. The guide reviews business conditions in the new South Africa, the changing local and provincial governments, the restructuring of competition policy and the exchange control outlook. It also discusses the potential opened up by privatization and the practicalities of entering into joint ventures. Read More...
  • “A hedge fund is a vehicle that houses traditional and alternative investments against equities, bonds and credits” Cannon Asset Managers' chief investment officer Adrian Saville says during volatile times investors often rush into hedge funds seeking protection. "But these have proved to be almost as volatile as equity markets with much lower rates of return. The experience of January 2008 comes to mind, when stock markets around the globe traded lower and hedge funds saw losses in that month too," he says. Read More...
  • South Africa is a strong, rapidly growing commodity-based economy based upon mining, agriculture and manufacture – but with a strong tradition of financial services and trading sophistication. As a result, it has developed animpressive and fast-growing hedge fund industry. Read More...
  • South African Hedge Funds - Article posted here on this blog earlier this year.
  • Six of South Africa's top performing hedge funds were recognized for their achievements at the second annual Old Mutual Symmetry Hedge Fund Awards in Cape Town last night. The winners were picked from 21 eligible hedge funds that participated in the qualifying SYmmETRY Multi-Manager Hedge Fund Performance Survey.
  • During March the Financial Services Board, together with the South African Chapter of AIMA and the Association of Collective Investments, issued a joint discussion paper calling for comment on the regulation of hedge funds in South Africa.1 The publication of the joint discussion paper was the culmination of lengthy discussions, in which the executive of the South African Chapter of AIMA played an integral part.
  • In August 2007 the FSB, in cognizance of the many inexperienced hedge fund managers operating in the South African market, introduced Regulations under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (FAIS) governing the managers of hedge funds and funds of hedge funds. Read More...
  • African Hedge Funds - Short post on various African hedge fund resources
  • The South African private equity industry recorded total funds under management of R41.5bn at the close of 2003, a ten per cent increase on the previous year, according to KPMG and the South Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. A total of 50% of third party funds raised during 2003 have been sourced from South Africa and 48% from Europe
  • South Africa's hedge fund market has been hampered by strict limits on the amounts pension funds can invest, but Willem van der Merwe of African Harvest Alternative Investment believes anticipated changes in the rules later this year could give the local hedge fund industry a boost
  • This latest Hedgeweek Special Report on South Africa’s Hedge Fund Service (2008) contained numerous articles on SA’s hedge fund industry for readers to download. The discussed topics varied from its growth potential to its regulatory environment to its fund servicing role globally. A must-read as an introduction of SA’s hedge fund industry. Read more...
  • South Africa: A new hedge fund market emerges. An excellent overall guide that introduces South Africa’s hedge fund industry, its regulatory environment, institutional investors, and various other topics. Read more...
  • South African Hedge Fund Industry Grows by Stealth. This brief article analyzed the growth potential of hedge fund industry in South Africa by looking at its potential market size, macro-economic environment and regulatory policies. Read more...
  • Benchmarking South Africa’s Hedge Fund. This website features a latest Hedgeweek Special Report on South African Hedge fund Industry in 2008. Some of the questions would be answered by this report are: How attractive are South African hedge funds as an investment opportunity? And is your fund or fund of funds outperforming or underperforming? Read More...
  • Fast-growing bustle in the hedgerow. The size of the hedge fund industry in South Africa has trippled over the past three years - in terms of both assets under management (around R18bn) and the number of funds (more than 100). This article will analyze how did all these growth take place and how would it continue in the near future with broader acceptance from local investors.
  • South Africa’s Hedge Fund Industry Poised for Lift-off. This article analyzed the current growth trend of South Africa’s hedge fund industry, and how the change in region’s current restrictive rules and increase in local investors’ sophistication would stimulate the growth of hedge fund in SA. Read more...
  • A Comparison of South African Hedge Fund Risk Measures. This academic paper discussed the development of a more effectively discriminatory hedge fund performance measures for accessing the risk and return performance of South African hedge funds. Read more...
  • This article discussed how the recent subprime crisis and the global economic downturn would affect the South Africa’s economy and its hedge fund industry. Read more...
  • This excellent article provides a brief but yet comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape for hedge funds in South Africa. Read more...
  • This article provides a brief outline of the hedge fund regulation in South Africa, with discussion on various provisions of its Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act passed on 2002 (“FAIS Act”), and on August 2007 (“the Hedge Fund Regulation”). Read more...
  • This article discusses the issue of tax exposures for foreigners that are investing South Africa’s funds. Read more...
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