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Hedge Fund Boston, Boston Hedge Funds, Boston Hedge Fund CompaniesHere is a short collection of articles on the hedge fund industry in Boston, Massachusetts. I am always looking for more valuable online tools and resources to add to these geographical hedge fund guides to the hedge fund industry. If you have a white paper or PowerPoint that I can include here please send me an email and I will post it for everyone's benefit.

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Boston Hedge Fund Resources:
  • This short Powerpoint Presentation provides a comprehensive regulatory overview for operating hedge funds in the U.S., with emphasis on the State of New York and Massachusetts. The presentation covers the areas from SEC Compliance issues to Soft Dollar to Market Timing.
  • Article: James Pallotta, Boston’s highest-paid hedge fund manager told investors in his $8.5 billion Raptor fund Friday that some of the investments in the fund were “simply crushed” by the market turmoil of the past month, losing $400 million in a matter of weeks and leaving his investors with an 8 percent loss so far this year.”
  • Article: Both Boston hedge funds Raptor Capital Management and Noble Partners have announced that they are shutting down and returning capital to their investors. The hedge fund managers explained that poor performance has caused them to close the funds although they may open new funds in the future.
  • Article: When Jeffrey Larson, a Boston hedge fund millionaire, visited a classroom of students at his alma mater last year, he picked up a marker and diagrammed a low-risk strategy for maximizing profits when investing in company stocks and bonds. At the time, Larson's investment strategy was working, with a 16 percent return from June 2005 to June 2006, nearly double what stocks returned in that period. But a month ago, Larson's supposedly seaworthy $3 billion hedge fund at Sowood Capital Management in Boston abruptly foundered in turbulent debt markets.
  • Contact details for hedge funds based in Boston and MA - List Directory of Hedge Funds in Massachusetts
  • Groton School, which educated Franklin D. Roosevelt and other U.S. luminaries, got a tough lesson in hedge funds last summer when Sowood Capital Management collapsed. This underscores how Boston-area prep schools have exposed a bigger slice of their endowments to the same type of investments that have caused Wall Street's credit implosion.
  • The Third Annual Boston Open Your Heart to the Children Benefit that will take place on Thursday, November 13th, at 5:30 PM at the State Room, located at Atop Sixty State Street Boston, MA 02109
  • There are certain things you just shouldn't do as an investor: chase performance, jump out of good mutual funds because they've momentarily cooled, or try out the latest "hot" investing fad. Yet each of those things is exactly what Massachusetts' state pension fund is doing. It could be that the $50.6 billion fund is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, but you might want to check your own assumptions so you don't find yourself in a similar situation.
  • A natural-gas deposit deep beneath parts of Arkansas, eastern Texas and northwest Louisiana is the focus of the latest U.S. energy boom, with hedge funds betting on the three companies vying to develop the area. Clough Capital Partners of Boston has invested in all three companies.
  • Asset Management in Boston - Short blog post put out last year on the asset management industry in Boston.
  • As hedge funds snap up more shares of newly listed companies, they are diluting a handful of mutual funds' ability to set prices for initial public offerings, senior bankers told the Reuters Hedge Funds Summit on Thursday. Sometimes blamed for prompting market declines by using trading techniques that are off limits at most mutual funds, hedge funds are now getting some select praise for the role they play in the IPO market.
  • A growing number of top portfolio managers are abandoning mutual funds and heading for the greener pastures of hedge funds, lured by the prospect of enormous wealth and the freedom to invest as they like. "The hedge funds are absolutely going after the best and brightest in the mutual fund industry," says Alex Thomson, a financial services recruiter at Whitehead Mann Group in Boston.
  • Jeffrey Larson’s new hedge fund has a name. The founder of now-defunct Sowood Capital Management has reportedly teamed up with Sowood alumna Megan Kelleher to form Larson/Kelleher Capital Management.
  • Massachusetts won’t Go It Alone in Hedge Funds. Over the years, the Mass. State Pension fund has been seeing superb result from investing in the fund of the hedge funds, but has now thinking about to cut out the middleman and make the hedge fund investment directly.
  • SEC Filings show Boston is a Leader in Hedge Funds. As of data of 2006, federal filings show that Massachusetts financial firms help manage more than $150 billion in hedge funds and other private investments, which is about 10 percent of the $1.5 trillion that’s held in private funds nationwide, estimated by the SEC.
  • Massachusetts Uses a Rotten Apple to Make Its Case for Hedge Fund Regulation. Massachusetts legislature is trying to gain appeal in setting a law that would place local hedge funds under close governmental regulation.
  • Hedge Funds are Moving in on Biotech. Massachusetts' life sciences sector, a darling among politicians and local economic-development leaders, is also proving a favorite among hedge funds and other activist investors hunting for fast profits. Many funds are started to turn venture capitalists and held monetary stakes in these promising new startups.
  • In a Dim Year, 2 Massachusett's Funds Shine Bright. During the year of market turmoil and subprime crisis lingers on, Harvard University’s endowment and the Massachusetts State Pension funds are still replying with strong result. Both of them have their funds managed by the local-run hedge fund groups.
  • James Pallotta, a Boston-based world renowned fund manager, vice chairman and managing director of U.S. public equities at Tudor Investment Corp., is leaving the giant hedge fund firm and plans to launch the Raptor Global Funds unit he runs as a separate business, according to a letter Tudor sent to investors this week.
  • Massachusetts probes UBS hedge Fund “Hotel”. Mass. Secretary of State William Galvin has subpoenaed UBS over whether its Boston "hedge fund hotel" charges fees that may create conflicts of interest and harm investors. UBS and other banks lease space to start-up hedge funds and provide receptionists and other support, with hopes that in time these funds will grow into bigger, lucrative customers.
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  • List a Switzerland based hedge fund job here by emailing Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org. Please see our current Job Listings for hedge funds looking to hire professionals right now.
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