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Hedge Fund Expert, Hedge Fund Experts, Hedge Funds ExpertA couple members of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) and avid readers of this blog in the industry have suggested that I disclose more about who I am and where my "expertise" on hedge funds comes from.

First, I am not an all knowing "hedge fund expert." I am not a gray haired sage who manages a $10B fund, I am not 50 years old with war stories on how the hedge fund industry started from nothing in the 70's. I am a hedge fund consultant, providing hedge fund marketing services, exclusive resources to hedge fund managers, and promotional services for a few service provider firms in the industry.

I am a student of the hedge fund industry while working inside of it. I spend at least an hour a day learning and writing on hedge funds and this is how my blog has grown to what it is today. I find valuable resources online, conduct interviews, provide definitions, link to white papers and share stories of working in the industry where my experience can provide some additional insight.

My background includes a Bachelors in Business Administration, an M.B.A. in Marketing and soon my ALM Masters degree from Harvard University. My thesis for this masters program is being focused on the Psychology of Influence (sales). My experience includes risk management consulting and raising capital from high net worth, consultants, broker-dealers, platforms, financial advisors, fund of funds and family offices.

I love writing here in the blog on hedge funds but don't want to appear as if I'm attempting to pass myself off as someone I am not. I hope this clears up a few things and provides a bit more detail on the perspective from which I am writing.

- Richard

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