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Richard Wilson | Personal Bio

Richard Wilson

My name is Richard Wilson, I run the 65,000 person Hedge Fund Group, the G.T.C. Institute, LLC and the Family Offices Group. My firm provides hedge fund training, capital raising tools and thousands of educational resources to the family office, hedge fund, and business industries.

  • About HedgeFundBlogger.com - Each day we write multiple articles on the hedge fund industry and family offices.  Ninety percent of what we write are straightforward educational pieces on hedge fund strategies, capital raising tips, terms & definitions, trends, book reviews and interviews.  The reason our sites are popular is that we have produced over 10,000 pieces of content including over 1,000 videos, and we give more of it away for free than anyone else.
  • Want to keep in touch on Linkedin.com?  Connect with me here.
  • Online Hedge Fund Training: If you haven't already make sure you get a copy of our free book on hedge funds, you can pick that up at here: http://HedgeFundsBook.com.  The Hedge Fund Group offers the #1 hedge fund training and certification program called the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation.  Over 1,300 professionals have joined the CHP program to date. This is the only online certification and training program offered exclusively for hedge fund professionals - http://HedgeFundCertification.com.  
  • Speaking and Consulting - I have spoken at over 50 conferences and workshops and I have served as chairman several times for half days and full day events.  I recently served as the full day chairman for a Zurich based finance conference and earlier this year was the opening day chairman for GAIM 2011 the largest and oldest alternative investments conference in Europe.  If you are interested in hiring me to speak at a conference or event please contact me at Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org.  In terms of consulting, our team is very busy right now so I am only accepting a maximum of three new clients a year and only two types of clients, $100,000 one year projects and three year board of advisory positions at $2,797/month on retainer.  
  • Please subscribe to my blog to read my new hedge fund articles each morning via email. Also, please introduce yourself and let me know what you need and I would be happy to help to connect you with the right people or resources. I love networking and truly believe that if you freely give away your knowledge and lessons you have learned in business others will come to your aide when you need a favor or would like to form a business partnership. How can I help you? To learn more about the areas I work in please click here or email me at HedgeFundBlogger @ Gmail.com

I have 7 books, a Hedge Fund Training Manual,  The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent, The Hedge Fund Blog Book and Rainmaker a few of them. The Hedge Fund Blog Book is a collection of my blog posts downloadble for free at HedgeFundsBook.com. Rainmaker is a negotiation and sales book for investment professionals available in electronic, paperback and hardback form at Rainmaker.ws.

I have also had my articles picked up and used by Reuters, Fox Business News, HedgeCo, Hedge Fund Daily, Nielsons, Wealth Management Exchange, Investopedia.com and a couple dozen niche financial and investment focused blogs and email newsletters.

Here are some original hedge fund article & video examples:

Richard C. Wilson
" I just wanted to say that the "Hedge Fund Blog Book" is simply
fantastic. The flow and the contents are highly helpful and this helps to
understand the basics and also the current market trends in the Hedge
Fund industry. Highly appreciate your flow of thoughts and the way the book is
structured. Thanks & regards, Jegadish"
"Richard, thank you for all of that you have written on hedge funds. When I first obtained my current position within a hedge fund I found your sites to be one of the most useful, I look forward to possibly working together down the road."
Whenever I google anything about hedge funds I end up on your web-site. You are clearly the Oracle on the investment space.
"Keep blogging, I am learning a lot and am thankful that there is someone like you out there who is willing to put all of the work and effort to maintain a website like this."
"I read your blog every day, I just told my co-worker last week that you are like the Michael Dell of the hedge fund industry."
"There's absolutely nothing missing from your blogs. there're very informative and precise. I'm in the process of trying to get my own hedge fund company up and running, i'm an loan officer and newby real estate invester. All of the info i receive from you i'm definitely applying it to my investments and stratagies in business, especially short and long sales."
Richard- from my exhaustive google searches, you emerge as the leading source of hedge fund
info for those of us trying to crack the "secret society".
"Thank you for building this hedge fund blog. You offer a wealth of information on hedge funds that is truly un-matched in the industry."
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Anonymous said...

Your site is over the top and packed FULL of information. Congratulations. What a herculean effort!

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

Please keep up the good work. Your blog is one of the things I must read every day. And you can quote me.

Best regards,


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