Prime Brokerage Asia

Prime Brokerage Asia

Prime Brokers in Asia / Japan / China

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I recently read a short article about the prime brokerage business in Asia through FinAlternative's prime brokerage survey. While many local markets have been recently hurt performance-wise Asia has a vastly expanding hedge fund industry, and prime brokerages are bolstering their capacity in Asia by buying up talented executives from the top firms.

Major firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have struggled to retain their top executives in Asia from rival prime brokerages. Goldman Sachs now claims five managing directors of its Asian prime brokerage division, and has plans to have another series of major hiring. Asia, being the fastest growing hedge funds market, has become more and more important for successful prime brokerages.

A growing number of Hedge Fund Group (HFG) members have been expressing an interest in learning more about hedge funds in Asia, hedge fund jobs in Asia and ways to seek exposure to new investor markets within that region of the world. If you have any white papers or PowerPoints on this topic and don't mind sharing them please send them over. Thanks in advance.

- Richard

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Prime Brokerage Asia

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