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Chicago Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds In Chicago | 1 Page Guide

Chicago Hedge Funds in ChicagoChicago is one of the top hedge fund hubs within the United States, as a center of high quality education and highly experienced investment professionals activity in this area is still growing. Below is a brief guide to hedge funds in Chicago which will be expanded each quarter to be more complete. If you know of any additional Chicago hedge fund resources that you do not see linked below please email me at and I will post them here, thanks in advance for the help and I hope a few people find this useful.

If you are looking for a list of hedge fund including contact details that are based in Chicago or the state Illinois please click here.

Hedge Fund Auditing & Accounting Firms in Chicago
  • Jordan, Patke & Associates, Ltd. Jordan, Patke & Associates is a firm that specializes in the audits of hedge funds. Our team of experienced professionals services funds from around the country. Our focus on efficiency and extensive use of technology allows us to offer a top quality service at extremely competitive rates. Our principals and staff are known for assisting fund managers through every phase of their business, from fund formation to ongoing communication with investors and regulators.
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