Hedge Funds in Boston, New York and CT

Hedge Funds in Boston, New York and CT

Hedge Fund Assets Rising in Boston, New York and CT

Hedge Funds in Boston, New York and CT Many hedge funds in Boston, New York and CT have been gaining lots of attention from capital heavy private equity firms, merchant banks, and hedge fund industry basics giants. Hedge fund seed capital investments in the management companies of hedge funds is intriguing because:

  • These hedge funds are starving for capital. 80% of all hedge funds have less than $50M in assets and several come to a point where they have great performance but unless they can surpass the $100M mark the business isn't really proftiable enough to maintain. Many will close business if they do not meet a certain capital threshold by a five or seven year milestone.
  • If the performance is there, capital and marketing resources is often the missing piece to the small hedge fund puzzle towards asset gathering solutions.

  • Their investment grows in a compounded fashion along with the investment returns of the hedge fund manager's products.

The hedge funds in these three states seem to be sucking up the majority of the hedge fund seed capital being put to work in the US because of accessibility from Europe, proximity to New York, and reputation as being a hot bed for high performing hedge fund managers.

- Richard

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