Hedge Funds in Japan (Report)

Hedge Funds in Japan (Report)

If anyone is looking to market a hedge fund or open a hedge fund in Japan I found a report on the current state of that market. The report was created by the Financial Services Agency of Japan and it was based off of a survey of 1,252 financial institutions in Japan. Here are some interesting stats pulled from the report:
  • There was a 22% increase in hedge fund investments between 2005 and 2006
  • Investors were largely diversified with 26% by insurance companies, 15% by trust banks, 24% by major banks, 15% by regional banks and 20% by other organizations.
  • Top 35 investors accounted for 80% of the total hedge fund investments in Japan
  • 10% of the total investor base account for almost 6 Trillion yen invested in hedge funds
  • 60% of hedge funds are dnominated in yen while the remainders are denmoniated in foreign currencies such as the US dollar Euros, etc.

View the complete Japenese Hedge Fund Report

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