Third Party Marketing Due Diligence

Third Party Marketing

Third Party Marketing Due Diligence

Third Party Marketing Due DiligenceHedge funds conducting due diligence on a third party marketing firm should always ask questions about the firm and their employees. Evaluating a potential marketer should be as rigorous as completing a RFP for an institutional consultant. A partnership is being formed, and investing time and money with the wrong professionals can be expensive in terms of real dollars and opportunity costs. Areas to cover while conducting due diligence on a third party marketer include:
  • Past work experience
  • Current licensing and broker check
  • Asset-raising history throughout their careers
  • asset-raising track record while working together within the firm
  • Referrals from past hedge fund clients
  • Number of years experience
  • Scope of their distribution channel expertise
  • Number of total current clients
  • Potential commitment of time in terms of hours per week and duration of the contract, and
  • Personality and culture of th third party marketing group

At the same time, third party marketers need to perform due diligence on a potential client. If a hedge fund manager has a poor reputation, it could reflect poorly on the marketer that is doing the promoting.

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- Richard

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