Hedge Fund Pay

Hedge Fund Pay

Top Hedge Fund Pay Outs

Hedge Fund PayIt is no secret that hedge fund managers are some of the top paid professionals in the world. Here are the pay outs for the top 10 highest rewarded hedge fund managers in 2007. My guess is that 2008 will be a more bar-belled list probably consisting of those hedge fund managers that take huge profits from the ongoing volatility and then those who were operating within areas only slightly affected by it.

Top Hedge Fund Manager Pay Outs

  1. John Paulson (Harbinger Capital) - $3 billion

  2. Phil Falcone (Harbinger Capital) - $1.5-2 billion

  3. Jim Simons (Renaissance Technologies) - $1.5-2 billion

  4. Steve Cohen (SAC Capital) - $1-1.5 billion

  5. Ken Griffin (Citadel Investment) - $1-1.5 billion

  6. Chris Hohn (TCI) - $800-900 million

  7. Noam Gottesman (GLG Partners) - $700-800 million

  8. Pierre Lagrange (GLG Partners) - $700-800 million

  9. Alan Howard (Brevan Howard) - $700-800 million

  10. Paul Tudor Jones (Tudor Investment) - $600-700 million
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