Hedge Fund Strategies

Hedge Fund Strategies

Top 5 Hedge Fund Strategies

hedge fund strategiesThere are some hedge fundstrategies with over $50 or $100 billion dollars already being put to work while others are only employed by a small handful of firms. In 5-7 years there will be some new hedge fund strategies that will take hold and propel small emerging hedge fund managers into the world of $1B + hedge funds.

Here is a list of what I see as the top 5 hedge fund strategies that will explode in popularity over the next 5-7 years:

  1. Socially Responsible & Green Hedge Funds
  2. Intellectual Property (Patents, Domains and Licensing Rights)

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- Richard

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Ron Robins said...

I see your prediction concerning hedge fund interest in socially responsible and green investing. As someone who has been following these areas for decades, you and your readers might find my site -- which covers all the latest global green and socially responsible investing news, useful. It's at www.investingforthesoul.com

Best wishes, Ron Robins

Richard Wilson said...

Great, thanks for this resource. I'll read your site over in more detail soon.

- Richard

Samar Singh said...

Do you have any ideas on Managed Futures / CTA strategies and their relevance today?

Anonymous said...

how have strategies developed under recent and current economic conditions.

Richard Wilson said...

While many strategies have struggled in 2008 and 2009 global macro and shorting strategies have done well. I've also heard of many managers who are shifting their strategies to more short term vol trading instead of long term holding for obvious reasons. Managers who used to do 80% long term holding and 20% short term trading have now flipped those stats on their head. Lots of new commercial financing and distressed asset funds coming out right now as well.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

to extend on this point: do you know of any examples of hedge funds that have done well or failed under the current economic climate?

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