Alternative Investments Outperform

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments Outperform

Alternative Investments ‘‘Over the past decade, the four primary alternative asset classes – real estate, infrastructure, hedge funds and private equity – delivered higher returns than the traditional offerings of stocks and bonds,” said chief economist and strategist for RREEF, Asieh Mansour.

Mansour points to the swelling size of the alternative asset industry as direct result of steady returns during uncertain times in the public markets. His report states that more investments in areas that are not highly correlated with stocks and bonds will be made, especially by pensions and endowments. This bodes well for hedge fund managers.

I think that these types of reports are great to see in mainstream media because so often we hear of hedge funds blowing up or someone committing fraud while institutions are pouring money into these alternative investments. Why? Out sized and un-correlated returns. Many are trying to catch up on pension obligations or add in some extra alpha on top of their US equity money manager allocations which might just be trying to beat a benchmark by a few points.

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- Richard

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