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Middle East Hedge Funds | Quotes

Middle East Hedge Funds | QuotesThere have been several conferences in the Dubai and the middle east over the past several weeks which went very well. There were many in attendance and the mood was relatively upbeat for such a difficult financial time for hedge funds. One theme which came out during this conference was that middle east based hedge funds and those hedge fund managers in Dubai have suffered less than their US and Europe based counterparts. Here is a short article excerpt on this same topic:

The Gulf has not been as badly impacted by the turmoil as other regions around the world and regional markets would be among the first ones to recover from the global economic tumult, said panelists at the 10th Annual Hedge Funds World Middle East conference.

"If we look at the region as a whole it's been an embryonic market in the funds industry as a whole.

"There are lot of people who have settled down here. What we have seen is development of that industry, the arrival of skill set and we have seen that 50 per cent of asset management firms are actually manufacturing products on ground. source

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