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I owe HedgeCo Websites a thank you note. Last year they took my site from being less than professional and helped me convert into what it looks like today. I often track my website statistics closely and I noticed on the day the design went live my pageviews per visitor went from 1.77 to 2.10 pageviews per visitor. This may seem like a small change to those who do not follow these types of web statistics but it makes a big difference over the long run. This means my 8,300 pageviews a day moved up to a total of 10,000 pageviews of web traffic each day.

HedgeCo Websites does not work with many blogs or educational such as mine, 90% of their clients are hedge fund managers who are looking to create robust, automated and password secured websites which can help them market their fund while remaining in compliance with various laws and regulations around the world. To see some examples of websites which they have produced please click here, here or here.

If you know someone looking to create a website for their hedge fund please have them checkout and consider using www.HedgeCoWebsites.com.

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