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When preparing to take the CFA exam, a candidate may be interested in many different kinds of CFA books. Although the CFA institute provides the candidate with some basic study material(which is actually quite a large amount of material),, there are other CFA books which may help prepare future test takers for the examinations.

The CFA institute itself offers many CFA books for the candidates. They have developed a series of books, called the CFA investment series, which address individual topics that appear on the exam. Some of the topics the individual books cover are “managing investment portfolios”, “fixed income analysis”, and “quantitative analysis”. These books allow an individual to concentrate specifically on topics the exam covers in a more detailed fashion.
One CFA book that each test taker should be extremely familiar with is the “Standards of Practice Handbook; 9th edition”. This book is authored by the CFA institute as well and covers the CFA institutes code of ethics and standard of professional conduct. The CFA prides itself on having a high level of professionalism and ethical behavior and this book outlines what conduct every CFA charterholder is expecting to maintain at all times.

There are also CFA books available to help a candidate supplement their study from Kaplan, Schweser, Examwise, Thompson, Insiderchoice, ExamInSight, and a host of other exam preparatory courses. These CFA books provide great insight into topic areas to specifically concentrate when studying for the CFA exam.

A candidate for the CFA examination will perform best by using a combination of CFA books. Obviously, the CFA provided material should form the foundation of study for any candidate. The CFA Standards of Practice book should also be mastered. Through practice tests, a candidate can judge which topics he/she can use improvement on and then supplement those with the appropriate CFA book from the CFA investment series to brush up on the topics they are not comfortable with. An exam preparatory book from a larger institute can help pull all the information together. The exam preparatory books act as a “keystone” when studying for the CFA exam and can help the candidate put in the final piece of the puzzle before taking the examination.

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