Hedge Fund Administrators

Hedge Fund Administrators

What are Hedge Fund Administrators?

Hedge Fund AdministratorsHedge fund administrators offer a way to reduce tedious time-consuming operational activities for hedge fund managers, while simultaneously bolstering the average investors' confidence in a hedge fund. The role of a hedge fund administrator is to provide financial and tax reporting. Such reporting includes: audits and coordinating taxes; anti-money laundering as well as the new know-your-client procedures. While these are important duties for a hedge fund, outsourcing to a hedge fund administrator allows hedge fund managers to pay more attention to managing the investment portfolio and servicing clients.

The hiring of a hedge fund administrator can significantly consolidate operational staff and reduces excess administrative expenses for hedge funds. Sometimes when hedge funds need to add additional staff, a hedge fund administrator is often able to arrange specialized, trained professionals and access to valuable accounting services. Some investors only invest in hedge funds who use hedge fund administrators. The third-party verification of a hedge fund's operational structural that this administrator represents to investors is invaluable.

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