Hong Kong & Singapore Hedge Funds

Hong Kong & Singapore Based Hedge Funds

hong kong singapore hedge funds in asia and chinaThere are now well over 10,000 known hedge funds in existence. A large majority of these reside in major western economic hubs such as New York & London but more asian hedge funds from Hong Kong, Singapore and China are starting to gain market share. A recent report on asian hedge fund states that there are now over 1,500 hedge funds in Asia. With over $160 billion in assets there are 7 new asia-based hedge funds being launched each month. In 2001 there were just 14 hedge funds in China, now there are almost 100.

The two page article on hedge funds in Hong Kong, Singapore & China concludes that:

"Whilst the Singapore government is more active in promoting the hedge fund industry through its policy framework and has a more relaxed regulatory environment for the hedge fund mangers to set up and operate, Hong Kong has a tighter and more comprehensive regulatory scheme and thus provides protection for hedge fund investors. Both Hong Kong and Singapore have very favorable taxation regime for the provision of offshore hedge fund services and offshore hedge fund investors. In China there are many investment opportunities and its fund industry is growing rapidly. With Chinese regulators taking a practical and progressive approach towards the creation of hedge funds and increasing policy initiatives to develop its legal and capital markets, it will not be long before China becomes a giant in the hedge fund markets in Asia and globally."

- Richard

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