Hedge Fund Gaining the Trust of the Ultraweatlhy

Hedge Funds & the Ultrawealthy

A recent study by the Institute for Private Investors showed that the ultrawealthy are increasingly allocating more of their portfolios to hedge funds. Ultrawealthy investors are those who are typically define as having over $50M in investible assets, they are sometimes also referred to as ultra high net worth individuals (uhnw).

In this most recent study 25% of the ultrawealthy who responded to the study said they were looking to increase their allocation to hedge funds while 11% said they were planning on decreasing their exposure to this type of investment vehicle.

An additional strong point that came out of the survey was that 63% of the respondents planned on increasing their investments outside of their own domestic markets.

The move to a larger allocation to emerging and developed markets internationally has been running parallel to hedge funds for several year now and some internationally focused hedge funds have faired quite in terms of performance returns and asset growth from new investors.

- Richard

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Source: Investment News & Institute for Private Investors

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