Sales Resume Tips

Sales Resume Tips

Top Sales Resume Tips

There are certain things that employers look for in a sales resume. In addition to making sure every single bullet point on your sales resume contributes to how you are going to make that employer more money than others applying for the job try conveying the following where appropriate for your experience and interests:

  • Passion - for learning & sales
  • Humble - willing to grow
  • Loyalty - You stick it out through hard times and remain loyal to your employer until it does not make sense any more. You don't quit easily
  • Tenancity - Your will to overcome "no" again and again
  • Industry/Product Knowledge
  • Current rolodex or information advantage that would help you sell

For an example you may view my resume here: Richard Wilson's Sales Resume

Did I miss any sales resume tips? Let me know and I'll add them onto my list above.

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- Richard

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