Hedge Fund Recruiters

Hedge Fund Recruiters

Popularity of hedge fund recruiters is growing

Many hedge funds are turning to hedge fund recruiters to find applicants that truly have the specialized experienced that many hedge fund jobs require. While they may end up paying 10-20% more for this person the money they could save from a miss hire could easily range from 400k-$1M+

A hedge fund's reputation is on the line with their employees actions. The more you invest in the process of finding the best people the better off your fund will be.

Need to work with a hedge fund recruiter?

I have personally met several recruiters and know many whose businesses are growing quickly. If you would like to connect with a well established hedge fund recruiter in the industry please review the list below:

  1. Hedge Fund Recruiter #1
  2. Hedge Fund Recruiter #2
  3. Hedge Fund Recruiter #3
  4. Contact Details Coming Soon

- Richard

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