SEC Investigations of Hedge Fund Managers

SEC Investigations

SEC Investigations of Hedge Funds

Alex Akesson just sent me a note about a change in SEC investigation procedures for the next few years. In the future the SEC will be taking a number of steps to prevent further cases of fraud within the investment industry. One of these steps will be verifying directly with investors that they are receiving the same marketing materials and monthly statements that are being shown to SEC officials during investigations. Here is an excerpt on this article by Alex:
At the MFA Legal, Compliance and Operations Seminar in New York last week, SEC staff described its examination and enforcement priorities for the foreseeable future with respect to hedge funds and investment advisers.

According to a letter obtained by HedgeCo, the SEC staff said that as part of their examination of hedge funds and investment advisers, the SEC intends to contact investors, verifying that the hedge fund/investment manager is providing the same statement information to both the client and SEC staff. source

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