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Asia Hedge Fund Guide

Asia Hedge Fund Here is a short collection of articles on the hedge fund industry in Asia. I am always looking for more valuable online tools and resources to add to these geographical hedge fund guides to the hedge fund industry. If you have a white paper or PowerPoint that I can include here please send me an email and I will post it for everyone's benefit.

Resources on the Hedge Fund Industry in Asia
  • Great, in dept overview of hedge funds in Asia.
  • Top 25 Hedge Fund performers of Asia
  • Hedge Funds are by reputation a risky and esoteric investment category that ordinary investors had best avoid. But don't repeat that mantra in Asia. From Tokyo to Singapore, hedge funds are as hot as Thai chili peppers.
  • Another great, in dept overview of hedge funds in Asia.
  • In addition to this guide on Asia please see our other guides: China Hedge Fund Guide, Japan Hedge Fund Guide, Hong Kong Hedge Fund Guide, Singapore Hedge Fund guide
  • Citigroup expects to see double-digit growth in assets serviced by its recently expanded Asia-Pacific prime brokerage arm, as it seeks more business with global hedge funds setting up in the region. Even with tumbling stock markets impairing the performance of most Asia-focused hedge funds, many well-resourced overseas managers have stepped up their focus on the region.
  • Another excellent overview of the Asian hedge fund industry
  • The Asian hedge fund industry is coming of age, with funds having had a stellar year in 2003; the Eurekahedge Asian hedge fund index was up by 27% and assets under management rose about 75%. From inception in the late 1980s, growth was relatively pedestrian for most of the first decade. The late 1990s saw a marked change with a rapid acceleration of growth in the number of funds and assets, albeit from a low base.
  • The Hedge Fund Association of Asia is a not-for-profit international association and is the Asia chapter of the Hedge Fund Association. Membership is on an invitation-basis.
  • Hedge Funds World Asia 2008 Conference taking place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center
  • Asia’s hedge fund industry in numbers
  • Asia-focused hedge funds have taken a beating this year and investors are shying away from managers who not too long ago were seeing double-digit returns. Funds investing in India and China produced the worst performance of any specific hedge fund classification after leading all hedge funds for much of 2007, according to
  • Asian Hedge Funds: There’s no substitute for local knowledge
  • Asian hedge fund managers will very likely close down or be bought out in growing numbers this year in a painful bout of consolidation triggered by the financial market turmoil. Combined with tougher barriers for potential start-ups, the number of Asian hedge funds could actually shrink in the near term, putting a still-growing pool of investor cash in the pockets of larger, established players.
  • Assets invested in hedge funds focused on Asia fell by 10 percent from USD111bn to USD100bn during the first quarter of 2008, a period in which global financial markets declined broadly and volatility increased sharply, according to Chicago-based industry data provider Hedge Fund Research.
  • A decade ago, it would have been rather controversial to talk about hedge funds, given the Asian economies were hard hit by a severe financial crisis widely believed to be triggered by a group of aggressive hedge funds at that time. Today, the hedge-fund industry has become an important driving force in the global financial markets. At present, there are about 10,000 hedge funds around the world with assets under management amounting to US$2.5 trillion.
  • Extensive report on hedge funds in Asia.
  • Hedge Funds build up manpower in Asia
  • Asia’s hedge fund industry is growing rapidly as global investors zero in on the region and more traders and fund managers choose to strike out on their own. At the same time, Asian investors are warming up to hedge funds, which offer them a chance to earn higher returns and spread their risks wider than if they just relied on traditional investments like stocks and bonds.
  • Although the pace of growth of the Asian hedge funds industry has lessened compared with the past two years, in absolute terms, the growth is still substantial, with more than US$30 billion in net assets estimated to flow into Asian hedge funds in 2006.
  • Asia's booming hedge fund industry will be tested in the coming year by heightened volatility that will catch out less talented managers who have coasted along on the multi-year bull run in regional stock markets.
  • Another event for networking and gaining more information about Asian hedge funds
  • Investors almost halved the money they put into Asia-focused hedge funds in the second quarter compared to the first three months of the year as a selloff in stocks hurt appetite for risky assets, data showed.
  • Singapore Hedge Funds Club Networking event on 9/18/2008
  • The hedge-fund party may be over in Asia. After years in which the number and assets of Asia-focused hedge funds have steadily risen, prime brokers and hedge fund managers say they expect a larger number of managers to fold up the tent this year because declining equity returns mean the hedge-fund managers themselves won’t be making much money.
  • Hedge funds are suddenly the rage in Asia. That's an ironic turn of events in a region that just seven years ago blamed speculative trading for its worst financial crisis in decades. It's no mystery why hedge funds find Asia attractive. Since markets here are less researched and less liquid than Western ones, the kind of inefficiencies on which such outfits thrive abound.
  • Asia hedge fund managers improved their performance and lowered redemptions in 2007 in contrast to their US and European counterparts, according to a study.
  • Great article about Asian Hedge Fund Allocations
  • Another great overview of Asian Hedge Funds
  • Book titled Starting a Hedge Fund-an Asian Perspective
  • Three recently departed executives of Citigroup’s Global Special Situations Group have announced plans to launch a new hedge fund. Initially they are to be based in Hong Kong, with plans to expand into Singapore.
  • Looking for jobs or internships with an Asian hedge fund? - Asian hedge fund Jobs
  • Hong Kong continues to be a hot spot of investment for overseas firms looking to tap the Asian hedge fund market. The latest to arrive is Financial Risk Management (FRM), a global hedge fund group, with US$15 billion under management.
  • The hedge fund industry in Asia is dominated by a trio of financial centers: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney. In this inaugural issue of the statistical digest, we provide a broad overview of the hedge fund industry in Asia and zero in on issues relevant to investors. Our analysis will be organized along the lines of manager location.
  • The first start-up independent Asian hedge fund to begin with more than $US1 billion is expected to be launched in coming weeks, sources said, signaling a watershed for the asset class in the region. The launch underscores the growing confidence and ability of indigenous talent to raise significant amounts of money to compete against global firms, which have piled into the region in recent years.
  • Asia's expanding hedge fund industry will probably create tens of thousands of jobs in the next five years, even as investment bank recruitment dries up after the U.S. subprime mortgage market collapse, said Sheridan Mather, a managing director of recruitment firm Pinnacle International Ltd.
  • Investors are exploring the potential of hedge funds based in the Asia-Pacific region as successful US and European managers come up against capacity constraints. Assets managed in the region now top $60bn (€49bn), according to industry estimates, and are expected to reach $85bn by the end of the year
  • Another interesting book related to Hedge Funds in Asia
  • Another great detailed overview hedge fund presentation
  • Great guide to the outsourcing trends and tendencies of the Asian hedge fund industry
  • Singapore-based hedge fund JL Capital Pte Ltd is bullish on equity and currency markets in Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia, founder and managing director James Loh said. The flagship Swordfish Macro fund, which has a global mandate to invest in equities, bonds and currency, saw strong investor inflows from Europe last year in search of Asian investments.
  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore’s annual survey of the Singapore asset management industry
  • Japanese hedge funds relocate to Singapore
  • Korean broker launches Singapore hedge fund
  • “Singapore goes alternative” article
  • Another article about the dramatic growth in Singapore’s hedge funds:
  • Hedge Fund administrator boosts Singapore team to address growing demand for hedge fund service providers in Asia.
  • An article about how a top hedge fund manager sets up a Singapore office
  • “Asian hedge fund industry booms” - Singapore is one of the main hubs in Asia for hedge fund activity - here is an article on this topic
  • Excellent Japanese Hedge Fund resource
  • Bloomberg article about Man Group Plc that tripled assets
  • Business Week article about hedge funds in Japan
  • Hedge Fund World event in Japan
  • An interesting interview of Hedge fund life in Tokyo
  • Asia Pacific Hedge Fund Database and Directory
  • Article describing growing fund numbers in Japan
  • Informative overview guide to hedge funds in Japan and the rest of Asia
  • Article on why Japan hedge funds are set to outperform many peers
  • Article describing the struggles of some Japanese Hedge funds
  • Article showing the current state of Hedge funds in Japan
  • Japan’s Leading Hedge Funds Conference
  • Article describing the choice of some investors to pull out of the Japanese industry
  • Bloomberg article about successful Hedge Fund Manager Tadashi Mukai
  • Article detailing a UK hedge fund that is increasing its pressure on a Japanese utility
  • Interesting article about a British hedge fund and Japan’s market
  • Asia Hedge Fund Oscars

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