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Financial Advisor Marketing Differences Q & A

Financial Advisor Marketing, Marketing to Financial AdvisorsToday I received this question from a New York based hedge fund marketer.

Question:When marketing to financial advisors for your hedge fund, what necessary steps do you need to take dealing with these guys? Is it any different that dealing with family offices?

Answer: Marketing to financial advisors is much different than marketing to single and multi-family offices. Here are the main differences between the two that I have noticed:
  • Family ffices have more established due diligence procedures, often involving consultants or internal analysts which do nothing but look at hedge funds or alternative investment products.
  • Financial advisors have lower minimum asset levels for what they will consider investing. 90% of family offices only seriously consider investing in hedge funds with at least $75M-$100M, and many require $250-$300M or even $1B in assets under management.
  • Family offices are more tight lipped. It will take more effort to develop a relationship, meet in person and get clear feedback on why or why a hedge fund is a good fit for what they are looking for.
  • Family offices are harder to identify in the first place. Financial advisors are easier to find, there are more of them and they advertise more openly. Some family offices advertise but many stay below the radar and some purposefully don't even have a website.
  • While family offices service to high net worth investors almost exclusively many financial advisors work with a broad spectrum of client types - this might require more caution by them and your fund in marketing products to them. It might also mean sorting through more financial advisors to find one with several HNW clients.
  • In my experience financial advisors seem much more sensitive and motivated by how they will earn a commission or income from the transaction whereas many family offices charge rich enough fees that this is less of an issue.
  • While some financial advisors may take 16-24 months to really get "on board" with a relevant hedge fund manager, understand your investment process and possibly invest most will come to terms a bit before then. Family offices on the other hand often take 18-24 months just to complete their due diligence and committee meetings, it is a very long sales process.
  • Both family offices and financial advisors require genuine relationship-building efforts and tenacity
  • From a legal standpoint there may be other precautions your fund should take but I am not a legal expert so I can't provide any guidance within that space.
I recently published a blog post which provided more tips on marketing hedge funds to financial advisors here: Marketing Hedge Funds to Financial Advisors and I have 30 additional articles within the Hedge Fund Marketing Guide section of my blog.

Finally, I run small websites on both third party marketing and family offices which may be of use.

- Richard

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