European Hedge Funds

European Hedge Funds

Guide to Hedge Funds in Europe

European Hedge Funds, Hedge Funds in EuropeHere is a short guide collection of articles on the hedge fund industry in Europe. I am always looking for more valuable online tools and resources to add to these geographical hedge fund guides. If you have a white paper or PowerPoint that I can include here please send me an email and I will post it for everyone's benefit.

European Hedge Fund Articles & Resources
  1. Good overall summary of hedge funds in Europe. While London and New York continue to be the main global hubs for the hedge fund industry Europe as a whole is growing quickly in terms of total managers operating within the geographical area
  2. Excellent recourse for everything relating to European Hedge Funds including European hedge fund indices, newsletters, databases, directories, events, reports and fund profiles
  3. Excellent, in depth, purchasable summary for European hedge fund industry. For those who need more information
  4. Here is an article about how hedge fund fraud less likely in Europe than in America
  5. Here is a list of the Top 50 European hedge funds
  6. Article called “The European Assault on Hedge Funds”
  7. Article on the crisis in the European hedge fund industry
  8. European hedge funds stay clear of the US - click here to read the article
  9. Great world overview of hedge funds
  10. New York Times article about the decline in fund openings
  11. European hedge fund regulation article
  12. High Growth reported for European hedge funds in 2008 - see article
  13. European alternative investment overview
  14. Article describing an interesting trend in the European industry
  15. “The Long and Short of Hedge Funds”
  16. Another closer look at the European hedge fund industry
  17. A Large job for Europe’s hedge funds”

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