Hedge Fund Compliance

Hedge Fund Compliance

Hedge Fund Compliance Firms: This is one page of the directory focused on hedge fund compliance consultants and firms. As I develop relationships with additional professionals in this area I will be adding to this listing.

The ICS Compliance Asset Management / Broker-Dealer Group, comprised of highly experienced investment compliance consulting and senior industry professionals averaging more than 20 years of experience including backgrounds as Chief Compliance Officers and/or Federal Regulatory Examiners, provides clients with invaluable expertise, complex compliance solutions and insight. We deliver asset management consulting services to Investment Advisors, both registered and those seeking registration with either the Securities and Exchange Commission or their respective state(s), who provide advisory services to mutual funds, private funds, hedge funds, private capital funds, fund of funds, CLOs as well as Broker-Dealers.

During ICS Compliance’s 13-year history, we have developed a tailored approach and strong regulatory awareness, giving clients with the confidence that comes from hiring experts in compliance. To learn more about our services, please contact Gary Swiman, President of ICS Compliance Asset Management / Broker-Dealer Group at 267.670.1958 or gswiman@ICScompliance.com, and visit us online at www.ICScompliance.com/AssetManagement.aspx.

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