Warren Buffet Investment

Warren Buffet Investment

Warren Buffet's Investment Wager

Warren Buffet InvestmentA reader of this hedge fund blog recently asked if I agreed or disagreed with Warren Buffet on his recent investment bet against Protege Partners, LLC. To be honest I hadn't even heard of this bet yet, but just now read about it. Apparently Buffet and Protege are betting on whether the S&P 500 or fund of hedge funds produce better returns net of fees. Warren Buffet is claiming that after fees and investor expenses the S&P 500 will produce greater 10 year returns than the fund of funds.

While fund of hedge funds do have the double layer of fees working against them I think these portfolios of funds will outperform the S&P 500 investment simply because they will probably loose less money or post positive returns while the S&P 500 takes a dive or two. Here is the full article on Buffet's bet.

- Richard

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