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Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

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The Hedge Fund Group (HFG) has grown to over 15,000 members with an average of 50 new members joining each day. This international hedge fund association is free to join and we hope to be adding new resources to each quarter.

The Hedge Fund Group (HFG) offers an investment certification called the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program. It is a two level certification program aimed at helping hedge fund career professionals, financial professionals looking to work within the hedge fund industry.

Level 1 of the CHP Designation educates participants within 6 learning modules related to hedge funds - providing them with a strong foundation of knowledge covering many areas of the industry. Level 2 helps participants specialize within one area of their choice which includes due diligence, marketing and sales or analytics.

The name Certified Hedge Fund Professional was chosen over Certified Hedge Fund Analyst for this investment certification because there are dozens of types of hedge fund jobs and "analyst" is only a small segment of the total job market. This designation seeks to help hedge fund professionals in the areas of portfolio management, trading, marketing, prime brokerage, investors relations, recruiting, due diligence, fund of funds as well as analytics.

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