High Net Worth Clients

High Net Worth Clients

Hedge Funds + High Net Worth Clients

High Net Worth ClientsHere is in article published by Advisor Perspectives which tells the story of two Boston-based wealth management firms which emphasize the importance of due diligence. The two firms, RINET and Colony, use a strategy for placing its high net worth clients in riskier investments based on their level of wealth. The policy addresses the investors personally, by requiring its investors to have at least $5 million in investable assets to qualify for investing in hedge funds. Those HNW clients who do not qualify for hedge funds are placed in sometimes less risky, more traditional investments, such as separate managed accounts or mutual funds. This simple strategy reduces risk for those clients not financially ready to invest in less liquid or secure investments.

Another lesson in reducing risk is that RINET favors placing its high net worth investors in fund of funds over single hedge funds. This diversifies the investor's portfolio and the investor is less vulnerable. When considering hedge funds, the firms look at the historic performance and the fund's level of risk. They measure this by examining standard deviation, comparing the fund with the S&P 500, and looking at the hedge fund manager's Alpha. Also, the firms go beyond the hedge fund's strategy and process to back office operation concerns and factors that have effected historical performance. Finally, RINET and Colony see hedge fund due diligence as an ongoing process that doesn't stop at the investment. The firms practice due diligence throughout to secure steady returns to its investors and protect against fraud and other hedge funds hazards.

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