Hedge Funds London

Hedge Funds London

Guide to Hedge Funds in London

Hedge Funds LondonI am slowly building up short geographical guides to the hedge fund industry by region and city having already started a guide to hedge funds in New York I thought it would now make sense to provide 15-20 resources on hedge funds in London. These geographical hedge fund guides will always be works in progress as I add new resources every quarter related to, in this case, hedge funds in London. Down the road I will be creating guides to hedge funds in Australia, Canada, Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Italy and the EU.

Top London Hedge Fund Resources
  1. Hedgeweek special report that focuses exclusively on London. Well-written and current.
  2. Hedge Funds Review is based in the UK and provides news and statistics on the latest in hedge funds.
  3. London Based Institutional Hedge Fund Database
  4. March 2007 This report is focused on London exclusively and says London is the second largest center for hedge funds. The report by International Financial Services gives thorough statistics (London accounts for about 21% of hedge funds managed) and lengthy focus on London hedge funds overall.
  5. November 2007 this is a broader report by the same IFS that focuses on the UK's financial statistics and impact in the global market.
  6. Barron's top 50 hedge funds: The top in 2007 was RAB Special Situations (up an average of 47.69% a year for three years) and it is based in London.
  7. Recent London Hedge Fund summary via the Wall Street Journal
  8. London draws 14 top Euro hedge funds London is the best place for Euro-based hedge funds this FT article says
  9. London Hedge fund news site: a compilation of worldnews source articles including London hedge funds
  10. New hedge funds spawn from old ones in london: FT article that describes the new emergence of hedge funds from older large hedge funds in London.
  11. Hedge Fund governance: This video is "Chairman of Hedge Fund Working Group, explains why leading hedge funds in London have introduced a code of self-regulating standards and how a greater focus on transparency, risk management and governance may help to prevent the failure of funds and increased scrutiny from public authorities."
  12. UK Hedge fund regulation: This PDF is a lengthy overview of hedge fund regulation in London by the UK FSA.
  13. Euro Prime broker comparative advantage: The London Business school's short article with key reasons that determine European comparative advantage.
  14. London Business School, Hedge Funds Programme: The London Business School has a program focused on hedge funds as well as a hedge fund centre that is led by Narayan Naik.
  15. London stats: this page has a good resource of current stats again by the IFS that encompass a variety of financial data.
  16. Specifically hedge fund stats: This contains some London hedge fund statistics, but you have to scroll down to the April 2007 report.
  17. London is the place for global expansion: This article talks of London as a hub for global expansion for hedge funds. Specifically, PerTrac Financial Solutions. London also provides a key link to business in the Middle East.
  18. European hedge fund strategies This shows how different managing strategies yield different results in Europe (europe not London)
  19. London Hedge funds related jobs site.
- Richard

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