Hedge Fund Assets

Hedge Fund Assets

Hedge Fund Assets Q1 2008

Hedge Fund AssetsHedgeFund.net released the Q1 2008 Hedge Fund Asset Flows & Performance Report. The report estimates total hedge fund assets fell 1.4% in Q1 2008 to $2.848 trillion. The release is concurrent to the release of the HFN Q1 2008 Administrator Survey which shows total administered hedge fund assets were $2.759 trillion in Q1. The combination of results from these two reports confirms our belief that hedge fund assets are significantly greater than commonly reported.

New allocations to hedge funds were an estimated $53.02 billion during the quarter and Hedge performance losses decreased assets by an estimated $93.18 billion resulting in total hedge fund assets experiencing a quarterly decrease for the first time on record. The 1.4% decrease in Q1 2008 compares to an increase of 11.5% in the first quarter 2007.

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- Richard

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