Third Party Marketing

Third Party Marketing

Third Party Marketing (3PM) Definition

Third party marketing is a type of consulting service offered by consultants to hedge fund managers. These consultants help hedge funds raise their assets under management by introducing them to new investors. The types of services that hedge fund third party marketing firms offer can include:

  • Fully outsourced marketing and sales services
  • Channel or geographically specific marketing efforts
  • Creation of marketing materials including a full PowerPoint presentation, one page marketing piece
  • Assistance in developing a standard RFP and populating major hedge fund database
  • Representation at industry social events, conferences and private dinner parties
  • Advice on how to best move forward within a diverse range of capital raising channels
  • Public Relations & Media consultation as needed
There are as many types of third party marketing agreements in the hedge fund industry as there are third party marketers, but most of the value provided to hedge fund clients is through one of the activities listed above.

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- Richard

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