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hedge funds, hedgefunds, questions on hedge fundsI am now getting over 4,000 emails/month on hedge funds. It might sound like a death sentence in terms of time management, but I love it because of all the analysts, hedge fund managers, multi-family office professionals and students that I get to meet. I am finding that there are a few dozen common questions that I have been asked several times. This is where I will be posting the most frequently asked questions on hedge funds. If you have a question on hedge funds and don't see it here please email me.

Common Questions On Hedge Funds

What are hedge funds?

Do you help start or launch hedge funds?
  • I am happy to help you network as possible, but my full time job is acting as a third party marketer not hedge fund startup consultant. If you need prime brokerage, website development, office space, additional hedge fund employees or marketing consulting let me know and I can provide you with a contacts who are experts within these niches and are always working with hedge funds.

How many hedge funds are there?
What do I need to establish a hedge fund myself?

Do you know of any open hedge fund jobs?
  • Sometimes. That is the easy answer. The truth is I just don't have time to be a full time hedge funds recruiter or placement agent in the industry for everyone that is seeking help...but I want to help as I can. One way I try to help is by writing several articles on hedge fund jobs within this blog. I am also hoping create a hedge fund jobs board up sometime here in March and I already have posted lists hedge fund recruiters and available hedge fund employees, so I hope that will help connect everyone.

    Where can I find a list of hedge funds or database of fund of hedge funds?
    1. Hedge Fund Directory Pro.com
    2. Family Offices
    3. Fund of Funds Directory
    4. Private Equity Directory
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      Hedge FundsI have just started compiling these hedge funds questions into one place and will be adding to this list every month. Let me know if you have a question about hedge funds or need a resource that I might be able to help you connect with.

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