Hedge Fund Platforms

Hedge Fund Platforms

Hedge Fund Platforms

Hedge Fund PlatformsThere has been a half dozen articles in the last year about private hedge fund platforms being setup or launched by firms such as the Man Group. There are really two types of hedge fund platforms being discussed, one allows hedge funds to trade almost any type of security through one portal and the other is the attempt to offer a selection of hedge fund managers with daily liquidity through a online portal for hedge fund investors.

A recent survey showed that over half of participating hedge funds expected a multi-asset class trading platform to be available within 2 years. I'm sure it will be sooner than that. There is a lot of money to be skimmed within a multi-asset class platform and many hedge funds would pay a premium for more anonymity and speed in trading across assets within one account.

I would be surprised if HFN, HedgeCo or Eureka wasn't already investing in figuring out how to create some sort of limited use hedge fund platform aimed to be used by individual hedge fund investors. The demand is there for whoever can release this first and start moving up the learning curve on making it work with a diverse range of hedge fund managers who are large enough to handle more frequent investments and redemptions from investors. Does anyone know of a hedge fund company besides the Man Group is putting together such a platform?

- Richard

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