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Hedge Fund Corporate Event Planners in New York

Corporate Event Planners New York City : Planning, corporate event plannerI had breakfast meeting last week in Manhattan with a boutique event planning firm, Penta Dynamic Solutions. While in their offices I met with Michele Verdino, a Goldman Sachs alumni and founder of this 7 year old team of corporate event planners. Penta is unique in that they are focused on providing association management and corporate event planning services to hedge funds and financial service firms. I am going to be using their services to plan and manage my Hedge Fund Group (HFG) events later this year. Penta specializes in many types of event planning such as:
  • Corporate conferences
  • Golf outings
  • Fundraisers
  • Galas & Holiday Parties
  • Client Dinners & Coctail Parties
Some of the firms that Penta has provided corporate event planner services for in new york include Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE), Accretive, LLC, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Scottwood Capital and Ziff David Media. Penta is based in Manhatten but they work with clients globally. If you are interested in using their services or learning more about them please visit their website here.

- Richard

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