Hedge Fund Relationship Building

Hedge Fund Relationship Building

hedge fund relationshipsThe best part about writing in this blog is getting 30-50 emails a day from hedge fund professionals, investors and students in finance. One of the most frequent questions I get is "can you help our hedge fund raise capital from new investors?" I usually refer these people on to others as the firm I am with already has our hands full in raising capital right now for a set number of funds. One piece of advice relevant to everyone though is mentioned here at MajorGiftsGuru.com.

Tom quotes Woody Allen's great quote: "80% of success in life is simply showing up." Show up at your local CFA and hedge fund association meetings. Meet face-to-face with local financial advisors, institutional consultants and foundations. We are looking for something more out of our jobs than a simple paycheck and if your fund offers something within the parameters of what they are allowed to choose they might choose your product simply because of your relationship. My favorite sales author Jeffrey Gitomer always says, "that all things equal people like to do business with their friends....and all things NOT being equal people still like to do business with their friends." My quick advice to most funds is to make sure your compliance details are in order and then start "showing up" everywhere you can to start building long-term multi-year relationships in the industry. Maybe even join the Hedge Fund Group!

Interested in hedge fund marketing? Read dozens of more hedge fund marketing & sales articles along with details on third party marketing within the Hedge Fund Marketing Guide.

- Richard

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