Litigation Funding From Hedge Funds

List of Litigation Funding Hedge Funds

Near the beginning of this year I named the top 5 hedge fund strategies that I saw exploding in growth over the next 5-7 years. Litigation funding or IP related hedge funds were among that list. Here are a list of litigation funding and IP hedge funds in the industry.

  1. Intellectual Ventures 400mm - 1bn
  2. Coller IP Fund 200mm
  3. NW Patent Funding Northwater Cap IP Fund 50-100mm
  4. Northwater Cap IP II 250mm (in progress)
  5. Bay Ridge partners 5mm
  6. New Venture Partners 275mm
  7. redE4 100mm (in progress)
  8. IP Finance Holdings 300mm
  9. 1790 Capital LLC 10mm-25mm
  10. Acacia Technologies 400mm
  11. Acacia Technologies 250mm (in progress)
  12. Rembrandt 150mm
  13. Ocean Tomo 200mm
  14. Ocean Tomo Capital II 300mm (in progress)
  15. Altitude Capital 250mm
  16. Deutsche Bank Patent 32mm
  17. Paradox Capital 280mm

Here is PDF on established and emerging IP models

Here is another litigation funding related article.

Read dozens of more articles like this within my Hedge Fund Strategy Guide.

- Richard

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