Green Hedge Funds

Green Hedge Funds

Green & Socially Responsible Funds

green hedge funds Green and socially responsible investing has been growing steady and many predict the total market for green and socially responsible mandates just on the institutional level will be 3-4x where it is at right now. Many green hedge funds have been seeing strong returns and it is an area that is not yet over-crowded or dominated by large players. New York used to be the sole center for green hedge fund management but Europe, specifcally London is now gaining ground in this area of the industry.

Green hedge funds can range in strategies from screen for equities that only invest in "green businesses" to carbon trading, renewable energy credit trading, ethanol trading and emissions trading. Similar to many other hedge fund strategies green hedge funds are playing risk arbitrage and variations of long-term value and short term momentum growth plays to earn returns for their investors.

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Want to read more on green hedge funds? Here is a good article on the subject.

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