130/30 Hedge Fund Resources

130/30 Hedge Fund Resources

130 30 hedge fund manager130/30 hedge funds are one of the fast growing strategies within the hedge fund industry. 130/30 hedge funds are like normal 100% long managers except they are allowed to short 30% of the value of the portfolio and then use those shorting proceeds to go an additional 30% long in the portfolio. The end results is a overall portfolio position of 130% long and 30% short.

The strategy has just recently been gaining more attention and if you are an investor, consultant or on the board of a investment group I thought you might be interested in reading more on 130/30 funds.
  1. 130/30 Funds Article - What are They?
  2. A Review of 130/30 Hedge Funds
  3. PowerPoint Analysis of 130/30 by Watson Wyatt
  4. Positives an Negatives of investing in a fund using the 130/30 Strategy
  5. PWC Report on Hedge Fund Growth

Let me know if you have found any other great resources.

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