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Hedge Fund Consultant

My name is Richard Wilson and I run the Hedge Fund Consulting Group. We offer speaking, training, and capital raising services to hedge funds and financial firms. To learn more about us please visit Hedge Fund Consulting Group.com or see a few of our services listed below:

  • Hedge Fund Training - I am part of a group which runs a certification program for the hedge fund industry. The designation is called the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation Program. Learn more about it here: CHADesignation.Org
  • Prime Brokerage Services- Introductions to capital introduction groups and prime brokerage solutions for sub $300M hedge funds through Saratoga Prime Services.
  • Hedge Fund Marketing Hedge fund marketing materials, training, third party marketing due diligence, pre-marketing operational/risk analysis and third party marketing for well established hedge fund managers who would like to raise assets from single and multi-family offices. Learn more at HedgeFundConsultingGroup.com and FamilyOfficesDatabase.com.
  • Hedge Fund Advertising - My hedge fund websites attract over 270,000 pageviews each month. Please see the Hedge Fund Advertising page for more details.
  • Hedge Fund Research & Writing - I have a team of hedge fund researchers and writers who help me complete various hedge fund research and writing assignments on-demand.
To check on prices or discuss how we could work together please email me at Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
How can I get my first "salary-paying + bonus" position in the Hedge fund industry?

I've been in the Financial Services Industry for close to 20 years as a marketer/salesperson. I have an MBA in Finance from a good (Not great) school.

Excellent relationship builder, very persistant. Most recently Director of Business Development at a technology co. selling to financial/insurance companies.

Thanks for your help!

Richard Wilson said...


Thanks for the comment. I get this question often. It is not my area of consulting expertise but I have written two blog posts on it here:



Hope that helps.


- Richard

Richard Wilson said...

I've also been working with a team which now offers a hedge fund training program: http://chadesignation.org.

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